Rather than operating through a series of individual and differentiated departments, we always dedicate more than one lawyer to work on each account, to ensure around-the-clock availability for our clients’ needs. After all, two heads are always better than one.

Our attorneys have concentrated expertise in areas such as telecoms, hospitality, foreign investment, litigation and more. We owe our proven track record to their specialisation, which in turn has enabled the firm to maintain its proficiency in rapidly evolving and complex areas of the law, as well as ensure that each client’s legal work is thoroughly handled from start to finish.


Managing Partner

Education: Mubadda completed his LL.B. at the University of Leeds and graduated from his LL.M. in International Business Law with Merits from the University of London (UCL) thereafter. He is a founding member of the International Congress of the Fellows for the Center for International Legal Studies (ICFILS) and an honorary member of the Center for International Legal Studies in recognition of his many legal writings. Among some of these publications is an article on Copyright and Trademarks in Jordan that was published in the IP Value 2004 Building and Enforcing Intellectual Property Value, An international guide for the boardroom (a joint publication for Morgan Stanley, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Moody’s Investors.

The Firm’s Managing Partner and foremost Expert, Mubadda Dallal has headed Dallal & Associates for more than 20 years now. Having trained with both the late Dr. Hanna Naddy PhD, Barrister at Law, and the late Issa M. Dallal, our Firm’s founder, Mubadda was able to deeply ingratiate himself into the corporate and commercial field from the earliest days of its development and has been an essential cog in its advancement, pioneering many legal and commercial developments over his highly successful career. His willingness to work on the most novel issues and complex transactions has earned him consistent recognition among the top corporate and commercial Lawyers in Jordan on numerous occasions by Chambers & Partners, the International Financial & Legal Review, the Legal500, Martindale and Hubble, Corporate INTL, Acquisition International and many others.

Mubadda has been a prominent figure in numerous large and impactful transactions over the modern commercial history of Jordan. Mubadda worked on the First ever Eurobond issue with Nomura in Jordan in 1997. Thereafter, Mubadda advised France Telecom on its acquisition of 40% of JoTelco’s capital for USD 900 Million (Now Orange Jordan), essentially kickstarting the telecoms industry in Jordan, with his subsequent service on the Telecommunications Regulation Commission and drafting of the Media & Telecoms Laws after adding to his expertise in the field. Mubadda is also highly experienced in complex Financial Transactions, having advised Clients like GFH, Saudi Oger & Nomura on a myriad of Securitization, Syndicated Loan Agreements, and Share Pledges. Mubadda Advised Saudi Oger on their acquisition of 20% of the Arab Bank in 1998, and on the subsequent sale of the same in 2018, at a value of USD 1.2 Billion. In the Real Estate Industry, Mubadda advised GFH on its Royal Villages & Jordan Gates Projects, valued at more than USD 300 Million, as well as Kuwaiti Finance House on various transactions in the sector with an aggregate value well over USD 100 Million. 

Mubadda has and continues to advise a myriad of world leading companies and international institutions. Some of those include AT&T, Amazon, Airbus, Amadeus, Coca-Cola, Caterpillar, KLM, France Telecom, Dell, Saudi Oger, Gulf Finance House, BBC, JP Morgan Chase NA, Bloomberg, and Gillette but to mention a few. 

Main Practice Areas

Banking, Finance & Securities, Mergers & Acquisitions / JV’s, Insurance, Telecoms, Infrastructure & Energy, Islamic Finance, Government Contracts, Real Estate, Private Public Partnership, Privatization, Litigation and Arbitration.

  • Victoria Dallal Nuqul
    Victoria Dallal Nuqul Senior Associate

    – Member of the Jordan Bar Association (2001).

    – Obtained her LL.B. from the University of Jordan.

    – M.A. in International Relations from Webster

    University, United States.

    – Areas of expertise: Acquisitions, Telecoms, Intellectual Property, Privatization, Litigation and Arbitration.

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  • Mohammad Odeh
    Mohammad Odeh Senior Associate

    – Member of the Jordan Bar Association (2004).

    – Obtained his B.A from Al Albeit University (2001).

    – Extensive expertise in litigation before all

    courts of Law, particularly in Employment and Civil Litigation matters.

    – Advises corporate clients on their commercial and day-to-day legal and contractual matters, most notably in: Labor, Hospitality and the Hotel Industry.

    – Experienced in drafting agreements and negotiations.

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  • Abd Al-Aziz Anagreh
    Abd Al-Aziz Anagreh Associate

    – Member of the Jordan Bar Association (2018).

    – After successfully obtaining his B.A from Al Yarmouk University with Distinction (2017), Abed Completed an LLM in International Trade and Commercial Law from Nottingham Trent University, the United Kingdom (2020).

    – Abed has been involved in numerous advisory projects, mainly focused in Corporate & Commercial matters. Abed is experienced in drafting a variety of Agreements for clients in a myriad of industries, and is an avid scholar of the Law, having carried out numerous legal research projects in a variety of fields.

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  • Issa M. Dallal
    Issa M. Dallal Associate

    – Obtained his LL.B. (Hons) in Law from the University of Exeter (2019).

    – Was involved in numerous legal research projects during his time at the University of

    Exeter, most notably the writing of his dissertation “A Normative Analysis of the Shareholder Value Maximization in Anglo – American Corporation Law” achieving a grade equivalent to a 4.0 GPA.

    – Graduated with a cumulative GPA of 3.85 – one of the highest amongst a graduating class of 600 students.

    – Worked in a variety of areas, specializing mainly in: Securities Regulation, Mergers & Acquisitions, International Investment Law and Venture Capital, as well as Corporate Governance and International Commercial Sales.

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